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Safe Sleeping in Winter

Safe Sleeping in Winter

There's no denying it- winter is definitely here now! So while we're wrapping up warm and snuggling down with cosy socks and jumpers of an evening, we though it would be a good idea to share some safe sleeping tips with you. It's so important to keep monitoring baby's bedroom to make sure that temperatures etc are ok, and to make sure that she's dressed appropriately too. So here are a few tips and snippets of advice for safe sleeping in winter. Hope they help!

Check room temperature regularly

Some baby monitors have temperatures on them, but if yours doesn't- or you don't use a monitor at all- then you can buy a room thermometer fairly easily. It's important to keep an eye on the temperature of baby's room, especially in winter when we tend to crank up the central heating. Babies cannot regulate their body temperatures in the same way as we can, and they can't removed layers of clothing or blankets either. So if the room is too hot, there is a risk that baby can over heat.

The ideal room temperature for baby is between 16 and 20 degrees C.

Some points to note:

  •  Too many layers in an already warm room at bedtime can prevent your baby from being able to regulate her temperature and can interrupt her natural breathing pattern.
  • Keep layers to a minimum.
  • Use a sleeping bag to keep baby warm, so that you don't need lots of blankets.
  • If you co sleep, your baby definitely doesn't need extra layers and definitely shouldn't sleep under your duvet.
  • Make sure baby's bed is away from heaters and radiators.
  • Check baby is not too warm by feeling the back of her neck or her tummy. If she feels warm and clammy, remove a layer.

Out and about

While you're out and about this winter, chances are that baby is going to be taking a nap. And we're all for sleeping on the go, naturally. So safe sleeping advice applies here too. Make sure your baby wears an extra layer when it's cold (and that they can be removed easily once you're inside again. Usually baby will only need one extra layer and it's a good idea to remember that if you're warm enough in just a coat then baby probably is too. Likewise, if you're cold then baby may need another layer too. And remember that babies in prams don't move as much as you, so won't be able to warm up in the same way.

Some tips for safe sleeping outside this winter:

  • Snow suits are  fantastic  for providing extra insulation while baby is in the pram- and there's usually no need for extra blankets either.
  • Always make sure baby wears a hat when you leave the house- and take it off again  when you come inside. Babies can lose a lot of heat through their heads so can become cold quickly. They also need to re-adjust their temperature once inside again, so help them out.
  • If it’s really cold, you can line your pram with sheepskin or similar to provide a little extra insulation.
  • If baby has a blanket over her in the car, make sure you remove it once the car warms up.
  • Don’t dress baby in a thick coat or her snow suit for car journeys, and make sure that straps go under blankets and not over.
  • Trust your instincts. If it gets really cold, check baby regularly to make sure she is warm enough, and take an extra blanket with you in case you need it.

What are your top tips for safe sleeping in winter? 


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