0-6 months

Doctors worldwide recommend keeping babies aged under 6 months completely out of direct sunlight as their skin is too delicate and has very little melanin.

Use SnoozeShade Original as an overhead canopy so it doesn't matter what direction the sun is in your baby will be safely shaded from the sun's UV. You can also use it for establishing healthy sleep routines from day one.

Our SnoozeShade car seat canopy is designed to enable you to keep an eye on baby but keeps the sun out of baby's delicate eyes. If you have a travel system you can simply pop it over the car seat - attach straps to the carry handle and you're good to go.

And one thing it's always useful for is acting as a deterrent to those well-meaning people who want to admire your gorgeous baby. Our sleeping baby emblem is like a 'do not disturb' of the napping baby world.