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SnoozeShade Baby Car Seat Cover (0-9m) | Blocks up to 99% of UV | Gives 360-degree protection

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SnoozeShade Infant Car Seat Sunshade is designed for use with Group 0 and 0+ car seats with a rigid carry handle. Help your baby sleep on-the-move and keep baby skin out of direct sunlight safely and easily.

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SnoozeShade Baby Car Seat Cover (0-9m) | Blocks up to 99% of UV | Gives 360-degree protection

FREE US shipping

SnoozeShade Infant Car Seat Sunshade is designed for use with Group 0 and 0+ car seats with a rigid carry handle. Help your baby sleep on-the-move and keep baby skin out of direct sunlight safely and easily.

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SnoozeShade Infant Car Seat Sunshade

It’s designed for Group 0 and 0+ infant car seats with a rigid carry handle.  It’s a product I invented after parents kept asking me for a SnoozeShade that specifically fitted their infant car seat. 

I always found that my daughter would either go straight to sleep in the car seat but immediately waken as soon as I went to move her out of the car. Or she couldn’t switch off in the evening due to the flashing street lights stimulating her. 

It blocks 99% of UV (UPF50+) and has a snooze panel that helps baby to switch off even in busy surroundings at naptime.  It’s recommended for use from birth and can be used until baby outgrows the infant car seat. This product saves both these problems.   

Parents have also told me it’s great for deterring other people from touching their baby (particularly used before they’ve had any jabs).

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Product Description

Our popular car seat canopy is back and it's had a makeover!

  • a stylish grey trim
  • two zips on the front panel so you can have the front half open or closed 
  • a "Do Not Touch" sign on the front to prevent well-meaning people from touching your little one
  • baby-safe certified poppers replaces velcro on the front straps 

SnoozeShade Baby Car Seat Canopy is the versatile sun shade and baby sleep aid designed for use with group 0 and 0+ infant carriers with a rigid carry handle eg Maxi-Cosi, Cosatto, Graco, Chicco, Britax, Doona, Concord and many more.

Designed by a British mom it gives babies 360-degree protection from the sun whilst in the infant carrier.  It also stops wind, chill, bugs and light rain and can be used safely indoors and outdoors.

It fits all popular Group 0 and 0+ infant carriers with a rigid carry handle (please check your car seat's suitability).  It will last until baby is out of the infant car seat (approx 9m).

🛡️  Did you know that doctors worldwide recommend babies under 6 months are kept out of direct sunlight completely. Their skin is too delicate for sunscreen and has too little melanin so they will burn more easily (SkinCancer.org). SnoozeShade makes that easy to do

☀️   Our baby car seat canopy does two important jobs - it helps baby nap AND protects baby from the sun. It has one of the highest levels of sun protection on the market as it blocks up to 99% of UVA & UVB (UPF50+). The fully opening soft mesh window means baby is protected from 80% of UV and can enjoy the sights. When the snooze panel is pulled up it blocks 99% of UV. 
💤  Use from birth to establish healthy sleep habits and help make it easier for you to get out and about whilst your little one has a peaceful snooze. It provides a cosy and calm sleep environment that blurs stimuli so babies can get the sleep they need.  It also stops that change of light wake up reflex as you move from inside to outside.

✅   Takes seconds to fit:

Put the carry handle in the upright position and attach the velcro straps. Pull the car seat canopy around the base of the car seat. Lower the outer sleep panel, unzip the shade panel and you can then leave on the car seat and pop baby in and out as needed. Store the panels in the front pocket provided when not in use. 

🏆  SnoozeShade has won over 70 awards worldwide and its car seat sun covers are the only ones to be approved by the Melanoma International Foundation. 

Use SnoozeShade Baby Car Seat Canopy from birth, any time of day or night, on holiday, in restaurants and when travelling, so your little one can sleep comfortably wherever and whenever they need to.
NOTE 1:  Medical professionals recommend that young babies spend as little time as possible in infant carriers as the healthiest and optimal position is lying horizontal.  

NOTE 2:  A child should never be left unattended (even for a moment) in a car at any time, in any weather conditions. Please also always ensure that there is air movement in the car – a car with closed windows heats up very quickly.

Customer Reviews

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Outstanding Product, Outstanding Customer Service

I ordered the SnoozeShade car seat shade for a solo 5 hour road trip I was about to take with my 6 month old. He is a high demand baby who doesn’t really like to fall asleep in his car seat and had, 3 weeks prior, spend 4.5 of a 5.5 hour solo trip we took, crying.

I paid extra for my SnoozeShade to arrive before this road trip (to occur two weeks after ordering) but a week later I hadn’t received any confirmation it had shipped. I frantically contacted the company but didn’t hear back via the automated Facebook messenger. So I emailed and they got right back to me, apologized, got my shade shipped, refunded the extra I paid for expedited shipping and let me know when my shade was to arrive.

I got it the day before leaving and tried it for the first time as we were leaving and it worked FANTASTICALLY!!!! My kiddo fell asleep with no fussing and slept 2.5 hours straight so I didn’t have to deal with a crying baby around heavy chicago traffic! I was sooooo happy!!!

I was concerned I wouldn’t be able to see my little guy like I usually can with his headrest mirror so I also bought a charger adapter for the cigarette charger/port that has a regular outlet charger on it and rigged up our baby monitor camera to the SnoozeShade (it has an extra zipper at the top that made that work just perfectly!) so I could see him on the monitor up front while he slept. And then I hung our portable white noise machine above him to create that “at home” feel for him.

With the monitor rigged up, I was able to see him open his eyes a few times (like when a really loud muscle car whizzed past) and fall right back asleep when he felt cocooned all safe and cozy within the SnoozeShade.

This product AND the excellent customer service have me giving this 5 stars! Would give more if I could!

**he also did the same on the drive back and during our hotel stay, he fell asleep in the car one day, we quietly put the SnoozeShade on and carried him inside and he continued to nap undisturbed for a total 1.5 hour nap!

Hi Maureen
Wow thanks so much for your review! We are so happy to hear that it worked well for your solo road trip and your little one slept soundly in and out of the car.
Amazing to hear.
Best wishes
Candice and Cara xxx

Must have!!

This review is long overdue. First time twin mom here trying to navigate life! These are a MUST HAVE. They fit over our car Vista seats and Uppababy bassinets. In the summer they keep the sun off each baby. Then, as it got cooler and we entered fall/winter they protected my babes from the wind. My son naps as soon as we put the shade on. Absolutely amazing product that is a must have for all moms that want to protect their sweet babies from the elements and protect their sacred naps.

Game Changer!

This product helped my baby nap in the car while driving across the country for a move. This was a total game changer when paired with white noise. This product is breathable (our van does have a AC vent above the baby�s seat though) while still allowing for enough darkness to mimic the sleep environment.

Must have for summer newborn

Must have to keep sunlight away from newborns eyes! Can’t wait for the added warmth and wind blocking this will provide this fall and winter as well. It’s always hard to completely block those bright streaks while driving from getting into your babies eyes, this cover can either be zipped or velcroed on! Not to mention with covid, if baby falls asleep and you want to go for a walk you know peoples prying eyes and hands are safely away from your baby.

Great buy!

Love it!!!