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WHAT parents SAY

A must have if you like to take regular strolls. I tried using a light muslin blanket but too much light got through and it got pretty hot inside the stroller. This product is made of mesh keeps the breeze going through and the black material surprisingly does not heat up the inside. This will be my go to gift for all new parents!

A must for travel, especially when room sharing!  We traveled with our snoozeshade for the first time this weekend and it was worth every single penny. It provided a dark place for our 13 month old to stay on track with his sleep and not become an overtired mess. It made him feel like he was at home in his dark room. 

Kristin M. Slaybaugh

I wanted to go for walks but newborns sleep a lot so I didn't want the sun or bugs to bother him. During walks, on a 75-80F day, this did not get hot or make my son hot at all. I enjoyed the window that comes down so when he was awake, he could look at me and not get overwhelmed by all the sunlight upon waking up.

K. Johnson

I cannot rave about this product enough. We have used it for parades, trips to parks and zoos, amusement parks, etc. It provides a really nice shade for the baby, making it possible for him to sleep no matter where we are and to keep the sun off of him. For a parent with skin cancer in the family, being able to have a level of control for sun exposure is a huge relief.


We were planning an international vacation and I found this while looking for blackout travel curtains. Didn’t know if the reviews were for real, but I wanted them to be true so I bought one. Instant stroller nap heaven! We took it camping upon receipt and baby would nap underneath while being pushed around the campsite. 

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