What the experts say

We’re delighted that SnoozeShade products are supported by leading baby experts who know a thing or two about what makes life with babies easier and happier.

Here are a few of their comments:

“My friends will tell you that I never recommend gimmicks when sorting out sleep issues.  One solution I would recommend they get their hands on, however, is SnoozeShade.

Encouraging daytime naps is often easier at home with the luxury of blackout blinds and darkened rooms, but what about when you go on holiday or need to do the school run or visit the supermarket?  SnoozeShade helps children to learn the consistent message “when it is dark it is sleep time”.  Daytime naps are equally as important as night-time sleeps, so being able to encourage your child to take them on-the-go is hugely helpful.

SnoozeShade is ideal for holidays, as it shields your child from the sun’s harmful rays and acts as a shade from other elements.  It’s a super product and a great practical gift for new parents.”  Niamh O’Reilly, baby sleep expert and owner of The Nursery, based in Eire.

“Some people will tell you that if you keep your child up all day then they will sleep at night! In fact, the opposite is true. Your baby doesn’t go into deep sleep and has lots of light sleep phases and wakes more frequently. So it’s important to ensure that even if you’re out of the house, visiting friends or shopping, that your baby’s nap needs are catered for.

This is why SnoozeShade is so brilliant, it darkens the pram and blurs the visual stimuli of things going on around that could keep baby from napping.”  Jo Tantum, UK baby sleep expert and author of 

“Children sleep better in a darker environment. SnoozeShade enables children to fall asleep easily, get a better quality sleep and stay asleep for as long as they need whilst you’re away from home.”  Rebecca Michi – US Children’s Sleep Consultant

“SnoozeShade is a lovely product which enables babies to get all of the benefits of a daytime nap whilst they’re on the move. It provides a darkened, cosy environment which will encourage daytime sleep even in babies who won’t normally nap in the pram. Babies who are well rested during the day are more likely to sleep better at night.”

“Get the daytime naps right. Your baby needs to be tired at bedtime but not overtired. Encourage naps during the morning and early afternoon, but avoid very late afternoon sleep if your baby has difficulty settling to sleep at night.”

Andrea Grace, UK sleep expert and author of “Gentle sleep solutions”  

“Consistent naps and setting up your nursery are steps that I teach many moms and dads when we start the sleep training process. A nice cool, dark room can be one of the best sleep environments and SnoozeShade allows you to take that room on the go. It can be tough for parents to stay cooped up at home when trying to follow a consistent nap routine – and it’s not always possible. SnoozeShade allows babies to keep to their routine while out and about, because it keeps distractions and light away from baby, and encourages them to get the sleep they need. No more hanging blankets over the strollers, moms! Alanna McGinn is a certified Infant and Toddler Sleep Consultant and Founder of Good Nite Sleep Site based in Canada.

“I have been lucky enough to use a SnoozeShade with my clients for the last couple of months.  This has given me the opportunity to really get to grips with the product, and believe me, I wouldn’t be without it!

In my job, I’ve used lots of different prams and pushchairs and I really haven’t found one my SnoozeShade doesn’t fit.

I always encourage new mums to get out and about as soon as they can, and this is when the SnoozeShade becomes invaluable.  If you are out during naptimes, or want to maintain babies sleep routine just slip on the SnoozeShade and the breathable fabric cuts out distracting visual stimuli.  Babies sleep for longer and as a result are more content.

My experience has shown it really is more versatile than a parasol, especially over rough terrain and you don’t have to fiddle around every time you turn the corner and the sun’s pointing in a different direction!  I would strongly recommend SnoozeShade for any parents planning to go on holiday, especially those traveling abroad to sunnier climes.

In fact, I really can’t fault this product and I strongly recommend SnoozeShade to all the families I work with.”      Jay Buchan “Doric Doula” A doula in the Northeast of Scotland

“SnoozeShade proves to be a far safer alternative to doing what many parents often end up doing (ie. using a muslin or other cloth draped over the pushchair or car seat) to shield a baby’s eyes and body away from the light or sun.” Sally Underdown – Specialist Kent Midwife and Health Visitor