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SnoozeShade is the world’s best-selling range of sun and sleep shades.
Run by Cara, the mom who invented it, safety and customer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do.

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The SnoozeShade Story

Ever since she was tiny, my daughter Holly has needed her sleep.  I’d had a tough pregnancy and was in a wheelchair until she was three months old and so, once I was able to walk again, getting out into the fresh air was a priority. I also had a spell of post-natal depression and my doctor’s advice was “get out of the house, meet friends and take some exercise”.

When Holly was tiny, a walk to the shops in her buggy was easy as she slept deeply and often. As she got older and became more alert, it became harder for her to switch off and she’d fight her nap when we were out – the world was an exciting place and she didn’t want to miss a minute.

I did what many parents did, hanging blankets, coats, and pegging muslins to the pram’s hood to hide the world away from my alert child. Sometimes these make-do efforts worked but when they didn’t I ended up with a grumpy little girl who didn’t want her tea and didn’t sleep well at night.

 The SnoozeShade Story

How safety is at the heart of SnoozeShade

When buying products for your baby, one of the first questions a parent should ask is 'Is it safe?  And, if so, why and how?'

So understandably I often get asked these questions. I am always happy to talk on a one-to-one basis but I have written this article to show that safety is at the very heart of SnoozeShade.

I design as a mother

I am a mom first and foremost. I couldn't sleep at night if I didn't think that I had taken every precaution and knew I had done as much as I could to ensure that my products are as safe as possible.

So before I even started working on the design of my first product I spoke to safety experts about how I could ensure that my products were as safe as possible from the onset.

One of the things I found out is that it is quite normal for baby products to be safe enough for a 3 year old and sometimes safe enough for an adult. This is because the assumption is that the baby isn't the one actually using the product - the parent or another adult is.

That wasn't safe enough for me. And when I've subsequently seen my friend's baby chewing away on one of my SnoozeShade straps I have been happy to see it as I use the only baby-safe certified poppers in the world - no choking hazards for me!

Making it safe enough for newborns is not the norm

Why dark colors work best

Breathable is a misused word

Air-permeability is what you need

What is sun protection?

If you can see your child clearly then so can the sun

What about the scary stories about babies being in danger under a blanket?

How to keep baby safe in hot conditions

 How safety is at the heart of SnoozeShade

We hope we've answered any questions you may have. If you have more, then please click 'Get in touch' below and we will help as fast as we can. If it's easier for you, we can be contacted on any of our social media accounts.

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  • What the experts say

    “Sometimes a dark room can be hard to find while you’re traveling, so I love this SnoozeShade so you can keep your baby from waking with that early morning light.” 

    Cara Dumaplin

    Taking Cara Babies
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  • What the experts say

    "I love the SnoozeShade brand for so many reasons. Cara is really innovative with her designs and truly creates products that will last and will ensure child safety.

    The travel cot is shade is brilliant! I recommend it to my clients because it allows them to stay on schedule while they are on the go. It's compact and won't take much space. Having your baby sleep while you travel will ensure a better travel experience for all!” 


    Ingrid Prueher

    Founder - Baby Sleep Whisperer
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  • What the experts say

    "I’ve been working in the baby gear space for 15 years and was introduced to SnoozeShade nine years ago. It’s deceptively simple, but incredibly well-made and EFFECTIVE at keeping kids cool and keeping UV rays OUT.

    Not only are the car seat and stroller versions terrific, but the play yard version is genius and a MUST for travel. I trust Snooze enough to have used it with my own nieces and nephews, so I think that’s testimony enough. Highest recommendation.”

    Jamie Grayson

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  • What the experts say

    "I work with so many busy families who want to provide the right sleep environment but just can't realistically do that all the time. Enter Snooze Shade!

    The options are really endless for those on-the-go naps or those weekend trips to visit family. I love each of Snooze Shade's products and how they can recreate that ideal sleep environment that will promote restorative sleep, while also helping families to live practically."

    Carianna Gibbs

    Founder of All The Sleeps
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