I am proud to say that after thirteen years of being in business we have a fault rate of just 0.1%.  Considering the number of products we sell, I put this down to my insistence on using high quality fabrics, other elements and strict quality control.

There are families out there happily using a SnoozeShade from 2010. Of course mistakes happen and when we do have a fault, it tends to be a one off manufacturing error (we very rarely ever have a product that breaks).

So I am delighted to offer a 5-year warranty to stand behind the quality of my products.  If you do have an issue, please click here to get in touch with the team on social media or by email.

Warranty details:

Our Limited Warranty covers any defects in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period.

In the event of a fault occurring that is due to the above we will replace the item free of charge within 5 years of the purchase date.

Conditions which are not covered by this warranty include:

  • damage of a product resulting from negligence or not reading the instructions fully
  • damage of a product resulting from unauthorised modification of the product
  • damage caused by natural disaster
  • theft or loss of the product

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