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Child friendly vaations: where to go

Child Friendly Vacations: What To Look for in a Family Break

Discover what to look for in the best child-friendly vacations that you and your little ones will love!

When you become a parent, lots of things change, especially vacations. Lots of aspects of travelling change; where you go, how you get there and what you do when you arrive. So, while you might have hated the idea of a child-friendly destination before you became a parent, suddenly it looks like a great idea.

Life is so much easier all round when your vacation destination is child-friendly. So, what makes a child-friendly vacation and why do families like to go there? Here's a very quick guide to child-friendly vacations. We hope it helps and don't forget to pack SnoozeShade!

What Is A Child-Friendly Vacation?

Generally speaking, a child friendly vacation has:

  • childcare options
  • accommodation with facilities such as a highchair, pack-n-play and stair gates
  • family-friendly restaurants close by
  • child-friendly attractions close by
  • toys and play equipment on hand

Depending on where you go and what type of accommodation you choose, there should be some or all of the above to make your vacation a little easier with kids.

What’s The Best Kind of Vacation With Children?

Gone are the days of luxury cruises around the Bahamas... or are they? These days, kids are welcome on most package vacations but that's not to say it’s always appropriate to take them. Before you book, it’s a good idea to think about your family and what you all like to do together. Are you outdoorsy? Camping could be fun. Do you like to wander art galleries and eat in cafes? A city break might be perfect. Kids love the beach and swimming pool? You know what to do.

Don't try to force fun onto your family. If you'd really like a sporty vacation, try the activities out at home before you book, so that you're really sure the whole family will enjoy it when you get there. There's nothing worse than taking the family skiing, hiking or boating, only to discover nobody likes it at all!

Sit down together and involve the kids in the decision making, if they are old enough. Let them suggest destinations or talk about what they want to do on vacation. There's a really good chance you'll be able to please everyone with the right destination.

Child Friendly Holidays: What To Look for in a Family Break

Where To Go

Again, that depends on your family and what you enjoy doing together. But there are some things worth considering before you book:

  • Does it have clean beaches with family facilities, such as baby changing, water sports hire and parking?
  • Does the accommodation have all the facilities that you need? Baby gear, washing facilities, cribs, highchairs, etc
  • What activities are there close by to entertain the kids?
  • Will you be using childcare while you're away? Do the carers have qualifications and good reviews?
  • What do other families say about the accommodation and destination in general? Read the online reviews!
  • How long is the journey?
  • Is it within your budget?
  • Is there a range of accommodation types such as a hotel or villa?

If your budget is tight you should look at family friendly vacations closer to home, there is no shame in that because it's nice to just get away as a family no matter where you go. But if you are intending on heading abroad, hopefully we'll have given you some great things to consider before taking the plunge and booking!

Where are you off to on vacation this year?

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