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Four Easy Christmas Eve Bedtime Tips_SnoozeShade.com

Four Easy Christmas Eve Bedtime Tips

Christmas Eve is probably THE most exciting night of the year! Kids all over the country are bouncing on beds, peering out of windows and excitedly chattering about what Santa is going to bring. Now, how on earth are you going to get them to settle down for bed? Here are some Christmas Eve bedtime tips that might help...

Create new traditions

Christmas is all about traditions, and there is no better time than now to make some new ones. Christmas Eve traditions can be calming and quiet, helping to encourage children to settle down and relax if they can. Some of our favourite ideas include:

  • A bedtime story. The old classic, but it really works. Have a section of Chrismas themed story books to hand and read as many as it takes to bring little heart rates back down to a normal level.
  • A Christmas movie. It's the ideal time to cuddle up on the sofa and watch Elf, don't you think?
  • Track Santa's progress. Just google it. Kids are fascinated with watching where Santa is, and the closer her gets to your house, the more important it is they go to sleep!
  • Drink warm milk and listen to Christmas songs.

Keep them active throughout the day

And make sure they get lots of fresh air too! Keeping busy will keep boredom and bay, and stop the endless questions about when Santa is coming and what he's bringing, etc. Fresh air will help with the sleep later, too. Another good tip here is to avoid too much sugar throughout the day too!

Involve them in the big day

Four Easy Christmas Eve Bedtime Tips_SnoozeShade.com

Kids like to know what's going on, so let them help with writing and delivering Chrismas cards, and get them to help set the Christmas table too. Any little job they can help with, let them.

When it comes to bedtime...

Make some rules. You can expect some excitement  and reluctance to go to sleep, but you need to make sure the kids are aware of your boundaries. Maybe they can stay up a little later than usual, as long as they go straight to sleep when it's bed time. Make sure they have water so there are no excuses for getting up again. But if they're really too excited to sleep...

  • Play some calming music to help them relax
  • Try baby/ toddler massage to calm and soothe
  • Run a warm bath and let them soak for a while
  • Turn off all screens, TVs etc so that they can really switch off for sleep
  • Stick to your usual routine, especially for younger children.

What time will your little ones be going to bed on Christmas Eve?



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