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Five Travel Tips For When You’re on the Move

Five Travel Tips For When You’re on the Move

Having already written travel tips for toddlers, travel tips for newborns, what to pack when you go away with kids, how to help the kids sleep while you're away, what to expect when jet lag strikes... we thought it was time to mix it up a little. This time we're looking at how to cope with kids when you're moving around away from home. You know what it's like on a normal day at the park- your changing bag is bulging and it takes you at least three hours just to get ready to go out. What's it like while you're away and out for the day? Or how about if you have a very long haul journey ahead of you, with more than one stop over or change? How on earth are you going to manage that?! Stay calm. Here are out top five travel tips for when you're on the move. Hope they help!

Always s ALWAYS take a stroller/ pram/ pushchair with you!

You might think that as your three year old doesn't use a stroller at home anymore, you won't need it while you're away... and maybe for the most part you'd be right. But I guarantee that once you're away from home and moving around you are going to wish you brought one with you!

Lots of families  tend to buy a cheaper, lightweight stroller to take away with them and this is such a great idea. Not only will a stroller be invaluable for those times where you have to keep moving (that train won't wait for you!) and little legs are flagging, but it will be absolutely vital when your little one is tired and needs to sleep. Of course, you'll need your SnoozeShade too, but you already knew that didn't you?

A stroller has so many uses on holiday. It serves as a quick and convenient way to get yourself and your child from one place to another, it can double up as a booster seat in cafes, a makeshift bed at nap time, a shady shelter from the sun on the beach... if you do opt to buy a cheaper stroller to travel with, make sure you choose one with a hood so that you can use your SnoozeShade too.

Always agree a designated meeting place

This one is particularly useful if members of your party are likely to want to to do other things while you're out, and also if you have children that tend to wander! As soon as you arrive wherever you're visiting, agree a designated meeting place. Make sure that everyone is aware of the meeting place, and that they must go straight there should they get separated or lost.

Take a plastic sheet with you

This one is so simple but actually so essential while you're traveling! The humble plastic sheet (can be a cheap shower curtain from the pound shop) has so many uses. Lay it on the floor wherever you are so that your little ones can sit down to play, or rest. Pop it under your chid's highchair at meal times, slide it under bed sheets at bedtime in case of accidents. Honestly, don't leave home without one!

Take a sling for younger babies

Baby wearing can be such a lifesaver for traveling families! Slings can be folded up neat and tidy whilst traveling and allow you to have two hands free while you sort out documents, bags and other children. If you don't already use a sling, start now before you go away so that you and your baby can get used to it before you leave. You won't regret it!

Take advantage of meet and assist services

This one is especially valid for families traveling by air. If the service is there, then book it! These services are generally supplied by the airport and not the airline, so you'll need to seek it out but it's another vital travel essential for some families. Meet and assist means you get help with the kids, the bags and all the paraphernalia  you're traveling with. So worth it, and especially if you traveling as a single parent.

What are your top travel tips for parents on the move?


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