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How to use your SnoozeShade to improve baby sleep

How to use your SnoozeShade to improve baby sleep

This week on Twitter and Facebook we've been asking for your top tips on using your SnoozeShade to ensure better baby sleep. Today we're excited to reveal all to you, with a few of our own ideas in too!

What the SnoozeShade great for baby sleep?

The SnoozeShade was invented out of necessity. As a busy mum, it became clear quite quickly that my baby was not going to sleep so well whilst out and about. And while sleep has always been a priority for us, I didn't want to stay at home each day for naps. Some days I just couldn't! And what many parents who find SnoozeShade are looking for is this: a shady nook for their baby to sleep in, no matter where they are.

When you pull your SnoozeShade around your pram, pushchair or infant car seat, you are creating a darkened environment that blocks out external stimulus and encourages better sleep. Napping on the go doesn't have to mean bad sleep. The reasons why babies need a darkened environment are simple:

  • Babies (as adults) need a hormone called melatonin to induce sleep. Darkness stimulates production of this hormone, which is why a darkened environment is more conducive to sleep.
  • Sufficient darkness at sleep times helps to set a baby's body clock, or circadian rhythm. This is helpful when it comes to establishing a routine.
  • A darkened environment can become a sleep cue- a signal to your baby that it is time for sleep. Lots of babies fall asleep almost instantly once their SnoozeShade is zipped up!

Babies need to know the difference between night and day. When you use a SnoozeShade, you are providing a temporary darkened environment, which helps babies to begin to learn the differences between waking during the day and waking during the night. At night, if you keep the room darkened and limit communication with your baby, he will quickly learn the difference between bedtime and sleep time.

Stimulation during sleep time is bad because:

  • Babies are easily over stimulated, and often this can make the difference between a good sleep and a bad sleep. An over stimulated baby can be difficult to settle.
  • Interaction with your baby triggers automatic responses to smile, gurgle or cry. Basically, you are asking your baby to communicate with you, and this can be detrimental to sleep.

The SnoozeShade successfully blocks out this extra stimulation so that baby is not disturbed, and it able to fall asleep quickly and easily.

How do parents use their SnoozeShade to ensure better sleep?

Kim told us that she swears by her SnoozeShade for infant car seats for better naps when she's out and about. While infant car seats are not designed for prolonged use, sometimes babies sleep better in them than anywhere else! And sometimes it can be impossible to keep them awake when you go out in the car. So in these instances, the SnoozeShade can be a life saver! Kim says her little one tends to wake grumpy if she takes him in from the car after he's fallen asleep. The SnoozeShade helps him to settle back, and wake more gradually- and happily!

@Beingmumtoday told us that her SnoozeShade is fantastic in the summer- for shielding her little one from the sun and helping to protect against sunburn and sun stroke. It's worth noting that in the colder months the SnoozeShade makes an excellent wind shield too!

@MTJAMBLOG says her SnoozeShade is invaluable for keeping away the various bugs and flies that crop up when it's warmer. Not only does this mean no horrid insect bites, but no more incessant tickles from the blighters too!

Because the SnoozeShade is made from fully breathable fabrics, it is great to use in hot weather, so it's fantastic for shielding from the heat too. @allbymama says she uses her SnoozeShade to help keep the heat away in the summer.

More creative uses...

We've had customers tell us that their SnoozeShade works fantastically on bouncy chairs- although we don't know which brands! Do make sure there is adequate room underneath for your little one if you try it- and make sure baby is able to breath fresh air at all times. The SnoozeShade has also reportedly been used as a wind shield on the beach, proving that you don't always need a pram to make it work! And you can also use your SnoozeShade for cots as a bug and sun shade while your playpen is out in the garden too.

And if baby is awake and wanting to play... our Sneak a Peek zip is perfect for a game of Peek-a-boo!

How do you use your SnoozeShade to ensure better baby sleep?


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