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Maggie Moore - Moore Sleep

Maggie Moore - Moore Sleep

Maggie Moore is the Founder and Head Sleeper at Moore Sleep. She is a certified pediatric sleep consultant through the Family Sleep Institute, which means her sole focus and objective is getting your baby on a healthy sleep schedule so the whole family can get the sleep they need.

Like many parents, Maggie and her husband struggled with getting their son on a healthy sleep schedule and he was unable to fall asleep independently. As a result, her family was losing precious sleep every night.

Maggie became a firm believer when, shortly after hiring a certified pediatric sleep consultant, her son began sleeping independently at bed and nap times. It was a turning point that resulted in not only restful nights, but waking up fully rested with the energy to face the day. Maggie knew right away she wanted to become a certified consultant herself so she could help other families struggling to get the sleep they need.

Maggie and her family reside in Southern Indiana (near Louisville, KY). Follow Maggie on Facebook and Instagram.

The keys to having successful sleep

A healthy, age-appropriate schedule and independent sleep go hand in hand when it comes to having a successful sleeper! After 16-weeks adjusted age, making sure your little one is not relying on sleep crutches such as being fed, walked, or rocked to sleep is one of the KEY factors in getting your babe sleeping.

While any child can learn to go to sleep independently, your family’s sleep challenges will not be solved if your little one is not on a schedule that is best for them. Once you have independent sleep and an appropriate schedule in place, consistency is of the upmost importance! Being consistent not only helps all components of sleep come together, but it also helps them stay together. It is possible to start seeing positive results as early as six to eight weeks of age by implementing a consistent bedtime routine and sleep location for your little one.

Remember, all children under the age of 12-months should be placed alone, on their back, in their crib for sleep, following the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for safe sleep.

Might suit parents who: 

Are ready to make positive changes and can remain consistent.

Might not suit parents who: 

Are not ready to be consistent with making positive changes in the challenging areas of their little one’s sleep.

Best age to try it at: 

Any age.

Mom’s say:

"Our 9.5-month-old had been co-sleeping and nursing all night long. I bought the sleep training guide and then scheduled a consult with Maggie, and it was the best decision I made!

I would recommend this service to everyone and anyone. It only took a couple of nights to get our baby sleeping through the night. Maggie has awesome information and explained things step-by-step very well!" — Anna, mom of 9.5-month-old

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