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Natalie Willes - Baby Sleep Trainer

Natalie Willes - Baby Sleep Trainer

Natalie Willes is a certified baby and toddler sleep consultant with over eight years of experience helping families around the globe get their children to sleep. Natalie offers one-on-one virtual consultations, and robust, affordable online courses for newborns up to 3.5 year olds. She also published a book detailing her sleep training method, Getting Your Baby to Sleep the Baby Sleep Trainer Way



The single, best piece of advice she would give you if you are just starting out on your baby sleep journey, is to follow the "Eat-Wake-Sleep" cycle. 


This means upon baby's waking, you offer a feeding whilst keeping them completely awake for the entirety of their feeding. This can be hard with newborns, but gets easier and easier with each passing week. Feeding time is followed by "play" or "wake" time. This length of time will vary depending on the age of your kiddo. It can be as short as 30 minutes (including the feeding!) for a newborn, and up to a few hours for a baby older than 6 months. After wake time comes sleep! And the cycle repeats until bedtime. 

When working with Natalie, whether one-on-one or through her online programs, she helps you identify an age-appropriate schedule for your individual child, and walks you through each step of the simple process in making sleep happen regularly and healthfully for them. This means thorough instructions on how to set up the perfect sleep environment, bedtime and naptime routines, and exactly how to handle anything that may come up during the night, or during any developmental leaps.  

Might suit parents who: Are ready to get their family sleeping again! From newborn (0-16 weeks) through 3.5 years old Natalie has tailored solutions to restore peaceful sleep in your home again.

Might not suit parents who: Wish to bed-share, or who will not allow their child any protest crying whilst learning the skill of unassisted sleep (after 16 weeks old). 

Best age to try it at: Anytime! Baby Sleep Trainer offers an online Newborn Sleep Program for 0-16 weeks old, and The Baby Sleep Trainer Programs for 16 weeks-36 months old. She also offers one-on-one virtual consultations covering 16 weeks-3.5 years old. 

Mums say: "Natalie is magic. Plain and simple. We had been having so much trouble with our daughter, Marty sleeping. I read basically the entire internet trying to figure out how to get her to sleep. She was 7 months at the time and was still eating 2 to 3 times at night. We were also bouncing her on a yoga ball and holding her for all her naps. It was unsustainable. So I finally broke down and contacted Natalie...For those of you struggling with your baby's sleep, don't hesitate! I feel like there might be an issue of pride stopping parents from contacting a sleep consultant, but at the end of the day more sleep is good for baby AND you." - Angela D., California




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