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Our New Year's Resolution: Get More Sleep!

Our New Year's Resolution: Get More Sleep!

Today's post is courtesy of another lovely SnoozeShade blogger, Julie. Julie writes at Pondering Parenthood and is a new mum of one. Julie's new year's resolution for 2017 is to get more sleep- like many of us, I predict! So how is the sleep situation in your house right now? Are you looking to make changes for the new year? Get in touch and let us know in the comments.

This may be wishful thinking! To be fair to Little M, we're very lucky. She has always been a pretty good sleeper, more or less sleeping through from around three months. We really shouldn't complain.

We had a nice little bath, story, milk, bed routine going which was actually starting to give us a bit of our evenings back. You see, Little M would sleep through, but wouldn't fall asleep until around 10/11pm. However, shifting the bath to 5:30pm changed all that and we finally had her going down by about 8ish, sleeping until 9:30pm give or take half an hour, then going back down for the night after some milk, not waking until 6:30am. Amazing, right?!

Then weaning happened. Since we have started to wean Little M, dinner has been at 5:30, pushing her bath back to around 7pm. She then quickly falls asleep, but wakes as soon as we try to put her down, falling straight back to sleep when we pick her up again. So annoying! She then comes wide awake until sometimes as late as 1am. Painful.

She also seems to be guzzling milk like there's no tomorrow! I express all of her feeds and I'm struggling to keep up, despite making no change to my pumping schedule. I thought babies were supposed to take less milk when they started weaning?!

At some point we also need to move Little M into her own room. I am so not ready for this! At the moment she's in her bedside crib. Fortunately she's only little so she still fits, but this won't be the case for much longer! At least at the moment we're able to lie in our bed while we're taking hours getting her off to sleep; it won't be so comfortable in the armchair in her nursery!

So we need to do something about this. I have no idea what. I think we just need to experiment with different routines until we find something that works for Little M.

Hopefully we'll find something soon so that hubby and I can have a bit of our evenings back, as well as a good night's sleep. Or am I being greedy?!

Get in touch with Julie on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.


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