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Pack the essentials for sun safety this summer

Pack the essentials for sun safety this summer

As we all start to get ready for the summer holidays (HOORAY!) some us might be making a start on shopping for the essentials. If this is you- well done! You are very organised and very sensible. If this ins't you, fear not. There's plenty of time, as long as you pack the essentials for sun safety...

What top your essential sun safety packing list this summer? Your SnoozeShade, of course. If you're not sure, then check out last week's post on SnoozeShade and sun safety- any questions, please get in touch. You will definitely need a good shade for your pram when you go on holiday, so naturally we recommend any of the SnoozeShade for prams, depending on the age of your baby. Please do let us know if you need help choosing.

Other items you need

  • Sunscreen- do NOT leave home without it! Yes you can probably buy it out there, but why risk it? And you might want to pop some on the little ones before you land if you arrive during the day too. If it's in your luggage, you have it to hand and you holiday can begin the moment you ouch down.
  • Hats- little heads need to be covered up please. Come to think of it, so do bugger heads. Sunburnt scalp anyone? No thank you! And don't forget the tips of ears too- hats that create a good amount of shade over the head are your best bet.
  • Sunglasses- protect your eyes, and if you can find some baby shades protect the little one's eyes too. Never underestimate the strength of the sun. Plus, it's annoying having to squint when it's really sunny.
  • Bottles- to fill with water. We love those plastic concertina style that fold down so you can pop them into your bag and re-fill when necessary. Stay hydrated!
  • After sun- yes, you don't plan to burn, but sometimes we can catch a little too much sun unintentionally. Pack the after sun and store it in the fridge (if you can) so it really soothes.

What are your suncare essentials? Anything we missed?


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