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Three Things You Need to Know About Babies and Sun Care

Three Things You Need to Know About Babies and Sun Care

So summer seems to be really on the horizon now- hoorah! And this can mean only one thing. You need to get prepared. You need to be informed. You need to be ready to protect your little ones. Babies rely on you to keep them safe and when the sun is shining, there are practical steps you need to take to make sure that happens. We've written extensively on babies and sun care in this /a>, this post and that post too, and this week we want to share with you the top three things you really need to know about babies and sun care.

Babies under the age of six months should NOT be exposed to the sun

At all. Not even for half an hour. That precious baby skin is so thin and so delicate that it can burn so easily. It can also be damaged without you even realising, without the tell tale flaming red colouration. Just because you can't see it, doesn't mean it's not there. On top of this, the skin on young babies is also too sensitive for sunscreen, so the only way to protect them is by ensuring they are in the shade at all times.

Studies have found that babies who are burnt in the sun have a massively increased risk of developing skin cancer later in life. It's as simple as that. Keep your baby covered up and make sure you find shade wherever you go. Your SnoozeShade will help with this, and the clothes you choose for your baby will too. Go for light layers and cover up as much skin as possible. Make sure you check your baby regularly to ensure she isn't over heated and keep her hydrated too.

Use sun screen from April until October 

This is advice given to parents living in the UK. Yes, I know- April is rainy, right? We even had snow this year. And October is autumn for goodness sake! But there are still those odd days where the sun is strong and we all head out to the park for a picnic, right? So please, please don't forget the sun screen. And the shades. And the sun hats. As you would in the  height of summer- make sure your little one is covered up and away from direct sunlight. Stay indoors when the sun is at is hottest (Midday) and make sure that she is shaded in the pram as much as possible.

It is possible to burn at any time from April onwards, and there is just no point in risking it.

Not all shade is created equal

If you seek shade for your baby wherever you go, you need to make sure that you are actually protecting your baby from the sun's harmful rays. UVB rays can reach the body indirectly, which means that it is often bounced back by surfaces such as sand or concrete. The only true, complete protection you can get from the sun is under deep shade, where you cannot see the sky. Research has also found that heads are most at risk when the sun is out, and that most sun hats do not actually provide enough protection for little ones. Often brims are not wide enough, or positioned at the right angle. They should be positioned downwards.

How to create deep shade for your baby when you're out and about this summer? Either stay inside, or use a SnoozeShade. With protection from up to 99% of the sun's harmful rays you can rest assured that your baby is going to stay safe this summer. And in case you're concerned about safety of the SnoozeShade itself:

All SnoozeShade products are also SUPER SAFE and are designed to exceed existing safety standards. We use only the strongest (and most expensive) YKK zips, there are no long straps that could be an entrapment or strangulation hazard. No cute buttons or dinky hooks that could be pulled off by determined little fingers. These products are not the cheapest on the market but the quality is high and no expense spared in making them safe



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