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Tips for a perfect baby shower

Five Tips for a Perfect Baby Shower

Excited for a new arrival? Get ready to celebrate with the perfect baby shower!

From who should host and organise, to how you can spoil your mom-to-be - we'll show you all the ways of making this special occasion even more unforgettable. Whether it’s close family or friends involved, make sure that whoever is throwing knows just what kind of party they're putting on so everyone has an incredible time celebrating your little one's birth!

What is a Baby Shower?
A baby shower is an event held in celebration of an impending or recent birth. It typically includes food and small gifts for the expectant mother and child. These days, baby showers have become more elaborate than ever before, with unique themes and activities tailored specifically to the new parents-to-be.

Who Should Throw the Baby Shower?
Traditionally, family members or close friends of the expectant parents will host the baby shower. However, these days it’s not uncommon for an expectant mom-to-be to plan her own shower or even hire someone to help her coordinate it. No matter who throws it, the goal should always be to create a warm and inviting atmosphere that celebrates welcoming a new life into the world.

What Should Be at a Baby Shower?
The centerpiece of any successful baby shower is usually food and drinks — especially if there are guests who may not be familiar with each other — as well as plenty of activities for everyone to participate in (think baby-themed bingo or guessing games).

You can also include fun decorations like balloons, banners and confetti to make your event extra special. Lastly, don’t forget about presents! Whether it’s books for mommy-to-be or something more practical like diapers, being surrounded by thoughtful gifts from our friends is always appreciated.

Here are five tips that will help you have the best baby shower possible.

    1. Plan Ahead and Set a Date Early - It’s important to give everyone plenty of time to clear their schedule and plan for your special day. Make sure you set a date early and send out invitations at least two weeks in advance so that everyone can save the date! It’s a good idea to check with all the most important people before setting the date – immediate family, close friends, godparents and so on. Make sure invitations are sent in plenty of time and that you follow up on responses, so that you know how many people are coming.
    2. Choose the Right Venue - Do you want an outdoor garden party or an intimate gathering in someone’s home? Consider what kind of atmosphere you want and find a venue that suits your needs. You can also look into restaurants, community centers, or even virtual options if you don't want to host an in-person event.
    3. Have Fun Games Planned - Games are always a great way to get people laughing, talking, and bonding with each other before the baby arrives! A few classic games like diaper bingo, guess the baby food flavor, or baby jeopardy are always crowd pleasers.
    4. Get Creative with Decorations - Get creative with decorations by using balloons, streamers, banners, flowers, and more! You can even customize items like plates, cups and napkins with your own personal touch. Don't forget about photos of mommy-to-be as well!
    5. After the Event Send Out Thank You Notes - Last but not least, make sure you send out thank-you notes after the shower has ended! This is a great way to show appreciation for all those who came out to support your special day.

When Should a Baby Shower Be Held?

The perfect time to hold it would be about six weeks before the baby’s due date.

tips for a baby shower

Other things to consider:

Should a Baby Shower Have a Theme?

Some people like to have a theme for the baby shower. If the gender of the baby is known, there might be decorations and food that’s suited to that – think pink muffins or blue balloons.

What Presents Should People Bring to a Baby Shower?

It’s a great idea for the parents of the expected baby to have a think about what they still need for their baby’s arrival and then to make a list. Guests at the shower can then choose something from the list. This means that the parents will receive gifts that they like and need. The list might be complied by the organiser of the shower or it could be held online at a retailer, like a wedding list.

What Food and Drinks Should You Serve at a Baby Shower?

Any good party is made by the food you serve - and the drinks. If you are holding the shower at a café or restaurant, make sure you discuss the menu for the shower in plenty of time and confirm the expected number of people attending. If you are catering it at home, make sure the food will be easy for everyone to eat – finger or bowl food is perfect – and also be sure to check if you have any people with specific dietary needs or preferences such as needing gluten-free or vegan food. A mixture of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks is the perfect way to celebrate and you might want to theme the food and drinks, to give them more of a focus. You may want to have a cake to cut – though individual cupcakes or cake pops are more popular for showers. Make sure you have plenty of plates, bowls and flatware, plus napkins and table decorations. You can also decorate the venue with balloons, bunting, flowers and so on, plus photos of the mom- and dad-to-be.

Make a Keepsake Book

Have a keepsake book that guests can sign; an Instamatic camera is also a great idea – guests can take their pictures with the mom-to-be and then stick the photo into the keepsake book, along with a comment.

What are your favourite ideas for a baby shower?


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