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Safe temperatures for my baby's room?

What Temperature Should My Baby’s Room Be?

How choosing the right room temperature helps keep your baby safe at night.

All new parents are anxious about their new baby, especially at night when they are sleeping. Make sure you know the ways to avoid Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) or cot death, a thankfully rare condition, so that you can relax while your baby sleeps.

What Is Cot Death?

Information from The American SIDS Institute the organisation that offers help and advice to families bereaved by SIDS, explains the condition: The sudden, unexpected and unexplained death of a child, with no determinable cause, is called Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). There are ways that parents can help prevent this tragedy happening, because while it’s rare, it can happen.

Why Does It Happen?

The causes of SIDS are not fully understood. Some factors seem to be:

  • baby is too warm
  • passive smoking
  • exposure to chemicals.

Why Is My Baby’s Room Temperature Crucial?

Experts recommend an ideal room temperature of between 60-680f

This applies to the rooms where your baby sleeps, so to your bedroom (where you should have your baby for their first six months) as well as other places in the house where your baby might nap – for example, in a crib in the lounge, or in the nursery during the day.

What Temperature Should My Baby’s Room Be?

How Can I Check My Baby Is The Right Temperature?

Always feel the back of your baby’s neck – it should feel the same as your own body temperature. Avoid feeling a hand or foot, which may be much colder. If your baby feels warmer than you and a bit clammy, remove a layer of bedding.

A Note On Bedding

Remember that you can adjust your baby’s bedding as the room gets warmer in summer, colder in winter. Here are the ideal bedding needs for the temperature.

Room Temperature



Sleep Sack

Under 600 – too cold, make the room warner

Vest, babygrow

2 blankets plus an extra that can be removed as the room gets warmer

Long-sleeve vest plus 2.5 TOG sleep sack

60 - 68

Vest, babygrow

600 – 2 blankets

680 – 1 blanket

2.5 TOG


68 – 75 (quite warm)


1 blanket

0.5 or 1 TOG

Over 75 (too hot, cool the room)


1 sheet



A baby sleeping sack is great in place of traditional sheets and comforters, as you know exactly how warm it is. The best ones have a TOG rating (avoid the ones that don’t) so you know exactly how warm it is and you also have peace of mind that your baby won’t be wriggling under covers, which overheats them or out from under them, which leaves them too cold

Safety Notes

  • Make sure your baby sleeps at the bottom of the crib in the “Feet To Foot” position.
  • Never put a hat on your baby when sleeping indoors
  • Never use a duvet or pillow

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