Why a babymoon is a great idea

A babymoon is essentially a relaxed getaway for expectant mothers and their partners before their new birth moves! It has become an increasingly growing tendency for mums-to-be to venture off on holiday with either their partner, friend or a loved one before the impending happiness of the new arrival. Some couples choose to go on a babymoon as their'final' vacation as just a few before they transition into using a family.

It's very important to note that babymoons are often taken from the second period of pregnancy after the 12-week scan if it's much safer if you want to fly to a destination. If you would like to go abroad for your babymoon or are thinking about a very long haul flight it's always advisable to talk to your healthcare practitioner.

Flying out before the 12 weeks of pregnancy isn't advisable; however, in the event that you really wish to go on a babymoon until 12 months, you might consider a neighborhood spa vacation or relaxed resort stay. All vacation plans must be considered in accordance with your individual health and prerequisites as it is important to remain fit and healthy whilst being pregnant. You might wish to consider which type of insurance you would like to take and might want to go over your plans with your midwife.

It's very important to be aware that babymoons are often taken from the second trimester of pregnancy after the 12-week scan if it is a whole lot safer if you would like to fly to some destination. If you want to go abroad for your babymoon or are considering a long haul flight it is always advisable to speak to your medical practitioner.

Flying out ahead of the 12 weeks of pregnancy isn't advisable; however, if you really wish to go on a babymoon before 12 weeks you could think about a local spa holiday or relaxed hotel stay. All holiday plans should be considered in accordance with your personal health and prerequisites because it's important to stay fit and healthy whilst becoming pregnant. You might want to consider what type of insurance you would like to take and may want to discuss your plans with your midwife.
There are numerous destinations that have beachfront resorts that you can enjoy and if you're feeling peckish you could use the seafood.
Another option for those who would rather go on a short-haul flight is to opt for a city break.
Some states you might consider are Sri Lanka, Maldives, Malaysia or even Bali.
If you truly wish to celebrate before the arrival of your baby there are no better means to do it than by going to a babymoon!
Did you have a babymoon when your little bundle arrived? It's a relatively new idea, we believe, and one that we can really get on board with. Simply put, a babymoon is a period of time set aside after a baby's birth, in which you- the parents- focus solely on your new role as protectors and providers for the new person in your lives. How perfect is that? If we're starting to convince you, then read on for more reasons why a babymoon is a great idea...


Where the babymoon originate from?

The term 'babymoon' was coined by Sheila Kitzinger in her book, The year after Childbirth. The official description is a period of time where parents focus on establishing a bond with their new baby, and many parents choose to add their own spin on it to make it special, and to make it work for their family.

What does a babymoon mean?

For some, a babymoon is locking the doors, closing the curtains and turning off the telephone. It is curling up in bed with the new baby and focusing all energies on getting to know this tiny new person. For others, it is going away with the baby, to somewhere relaxing and calm where nobody can disturb the precious bonding process. Some couples choose to take their babymoon even before baby arrives so that they can take some time to bond as a family before the birth. Ultimately, the result is the same- you set aside time to be with your baby, and to block out the rest of the world.

It sounds like bliss.

A new baby often brings lots of visitors and well-wishers, and while it is lovely to know that people care and want to see you, it can be quite overwhelming when you are trying to establish a new way of life with a brand new person. A babymoon could just be the most perfect way to make the world pause a moment while you regather your strength for the next phase in your life!

A babymoon helps you to bond with your baby

Having a baby is an emotional time and often the hormones that come with pregnancy can make everything seem a lot more torrential than it needs to be. Add to that the whirlwind of visitors, cards, and gifts, and the first few weeks with a newborn can be exhausting. In between all the well-meaning people who want to see you and welcome your baby, you will be yearning to bond with your baby. That's not always easy to do when there are so many waiting to hold your precious bundle! If you're breastfeeding, the bonding process is sometimes more easily facilitated, but even still it can be hard to focus on just your baby with so much else going on.

A babymoon- where you instruct visitors to respect your wishes to stay away until a set period of time has passed- can help to eliminate all of these issues. Your baby becomes your sole focus and you have precious time to get to know your baby, uninterrupted.

A babymoon helps you to find your new routine

If you do take a babymoon, you might find it easier to find your feet when it comes to new routines for your family. No disruptions mean that you can take your time getting to know what works best for your family, and taking it at a slower pace helps to keep the atmosphere calm and peaceful too.

Why take a babymoon before baby arrives?

Some couples prefer to set aside dedicated time before baby arrives, as they see it as the perfect chance to focus and channel their energies into becoming parents. Some pregnancies can be stressful, certainly emotional, and such a busy time for lots of couples. Often hospital appointments and preparations for baby's arrival means that you don't actually have a lot of time left over to prepare emotionally for it all. A babymoon means that you can take time out to choose a name, relax and unwind, eat well and get lots of sleep ahead of baby's arrival!

Did you take a babymoon? Were your visitors understanding of your reasons to keep the world at bay for a while?