SnoozeShade Pack'n'Play Sleep Shades

SnoozeShade for Pack n Plays is a multi-award-winning sleep shade that fits most popular rectangular pack'n'plays and playards that take a mattress no larger than 37.4" x 25.6".

It also works well with triangular compact cribs eg BabyBjorn, Guava Lotus, Nuna Sena.

This product is recommended by baby sleep consultants worldwide, has been used recently by The Royal Family and has many celebrity fans.


“Sometimes a dark room can be hard to find while you’re traveling, so I love this SnoozeShade so you can keep your baby from waking with that early morning light.”  Cara - Taking Cara Babies

"I love the SnoozeShade brand for so many reasons. Cara is really innovative with her designs and truly creates products that will last and will ensure child safety.

The playard shade is brilliant! I recommend it to my clients because it allows them to stay on schedule while they are on the go. It's compact and won't take much space. Having your baby sleep while you travel will ensure a better travel experience for all!”  Ingrid Prueher, Holistic sleep coach and founder of Ingrid Baby Sleep Whisperer

"I’ve been working in the baby gear space for 15 years and was introduced to SnoozeShade nine years ago. It’s deceptively simple, but incredibly well-made and EFFECTIVE at keeping kids cool and keeping UV rays OUT. Not only are the car seat and stroller versions terrific, but the playard version is genius and a MUST for travel. I trust Snooze enough to have used it with my own nieces and nephews, so I think that’s testimony enough. Highest recommendation." Jamie Grayson, TheBabyGuyNYC