SnoozeShade Pack N' Play Sleep Shades

SnoozeShade for Pack'n'Plays is a multi-award-winning sleep shade that fits the most popular rectangular pack and play and playards that take a mattress no larger than 37.4" x 25.6".

It also works well with triangular compact cribs eg BabyBjorn, Guava Lotus, Nuna Sena.

This product is recommended by baby sleep consultants worldwide, has been used recently by The Royal Family and has many celebrity fans.


“Sometimes a dark room can be hard to find while you’re traveling, so I love this SnoozeShade so you can keep your baby from waking with that early morning light.”  Cara - Taking Cara Babies

"I love the SnoozeShade brand for so many reasons. Cara is really innovative with her designs and truly creates products that will last and will ensure child safety.

The pack and play shade is brilliant! I recommend it to my clients because it allows them to stay on schedule while they are on the go. It's compact and won't take much space. Having your baby sleep while you travel will ensure a better travel experience for all!”  Ingrid Prueher, Holistic sleep coach and founder of Ingrid Baby Sleep Whisperer

"I’ve been working in the baby gear space for 15 years and was introduced to SnoozeShade nine years ago. It’s deceptively simple but incredibly well-made and EFFECTIVE at keeping kids cool and keeping UV rays OUT. Not only are the car seat and stroller versions terrific, but the playard version is genius and a MUST for travel. I trust Snooze enough to have used it with my own nieces and nephews, so I think that’s testimony enough. Highest recommendation." Jamie Grayson, TheBabyGuyNYC


Audrey Thomson -  DO IT!!!! BUY IT!!
Verified Amazon customer - March 20, 2021
"Oh. My. God. This product has absolutely changed my life. My son has been sleep trained since about 4 months and sleeps in a PITCH BLACK room (i literally staple-gunned a blanket to his window). For this reason, being anywhere other than home for nap time is a total nightmare. This product was randomly advertised to me, and I didn't even care about the price, I had to try it. And it has PAID OFF!!! My son now goes down for naps in his pack'n'play in well-lit rooms with ease, I can sleep in the same room as him and be on my phone without waking him, and I know it sounds dramatic to say this product is life changing, but I can go spend time with friends again while making sure my baby gets the rest he so dearly needs. I would give it 10 stars if I could!!"

MaggieWORTH the money!!!
Verified Amazon customer - March 15, 2021
"I love that it gives my little extra darkness. I have suction blackout curtains on the window itself, the slated window blinds and a blackout curtain. So 4 modes of room darkening for her. She sleeps best and longest in her pack n play when a room is dark as possible. The snooze shade does a good job of adding even more darkness. But gives me piece of mind that it is mesh and breathable. It allows for air flow and if for some reason she is able to yank it down somehow, I’m not worried that she’s not able to breathe.  It is on the more expensive side for a baby purchase but well worth the money. Also if room sharing, it gives you privacy as well."

Verified Amazon customer - March 3, 2021
"Worth every penny. We use it any time we travel anywhere with our toddler, and homegirl sleeps like a boss—even when we room share. As long as it stays dark and we have a sound machine on hand, she’s golden. The shade actually blocks out light and is breathable enough to put your mind at ease.
A little over a year into owning my own snoozeshade, 2 of my 4 Velcro snaps broke off the bottom so I couldn’t fasten to my Graco pack n play anymore. I reached out to Cara on Instagram to ask about rectifying, and was immediately pinged back by Candice, her assistant sleep officer, who took my details, requested photos, and ordered a brand new shade to be delivered within days. Literally. Days. Hands down the fastest, kindest, friendliest service I’ve ever received. I’m the biggest advocate for SnoozeShade. They invented a kickass product and backed it up with flawless customer service. Every 👏🏼 body 👏🏼 take 👏🏼 notes 👏🏼 please.ll."