Pack'n'play shades

SnoozeShade for Pack'n'Plays is designed to fit most popular playards. 

If your PNP takes a mattress no larger than 37.4" x 25.6" (95cm x 65cm) then it will fit. It also works well with compact travel cribs eg BabyBjorn, Guava Lotus, Nuna Sena and Phil&Teds.

Car seat canopies

Doctors worldwide recommend that babies aged under 6 months are kept completely out of direct sunlight as their skin is very delicate and has hardly any melanin.

SnoozeShade car seat canopies block up to 99% of the sun’s UV and keep the sun out of baby's delicate eyes. They also help you to establish healthy sleep routines from day one.

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One of the things I needed when I first had Holly was a baby diary so I could keep a note of everything she did.

For the first 6 months I had a plain notebook in which I jotted down when she slept, when she ate and when she did other things I wanted to remember. It worked but was a bit messy.

It was really useful to hand over to anyone looking after her, or when I went to the doctor or when I just wanted to see if something had changed when things went a bit pear-shaped.