Time is critical when dealing with a tired baby and it literally takes seconds to put your SnoozeShade on.

To fit, place SnoozeShade over your pack'n'play aligning the SnoozeShade corners with the cot corners and pull it down.

Attach each of the four corner straps tightly and securely around the legs of the playard.  Store the top panel in the side pocket provided when not in use (closing it using the snaps provided).  

How to use SnoozeShade for Travel Cots

How SnoozeShade for Pack'n'Plays works

SnoozeShade for Pack'n'Plays has adjustable top and side panels so that you can adjust light levels to suit your baby.

When the top panel is closed and the side panels are lowered, a massive 94% of light is blocked and visual distractions are blurred which helps baby to sleep. We cannot promise 100% blackout as our air-permeable mesh has tiny holes in order to allow air to circulate. However, we often hear that babies who will normally only sleep in total blackout will sleep in their SnoozeShade.

The reason a baby stays awake is often due to what they see (visual stimuli) during a sleep cycle, so the calm environment of SnoozeShade bores them to sleep as there is nothing exciting to see.

There are 4 ways you can use SnoozeShade for Pack'n'Plays

1) Top panel open: SnoozeShade has a large top panel which unzips, allowing you to easily view or access your child. Please store this panel in the side top pocket when it is not in use.

2) Both side panels down and top open: Baby won't be distracted by activities going on around, whilst you can view baby easily from above.

3) Top panel closed: This blocks out overhead light and creates a cosy environment to help babies sleep, free from distractions. When the top panel is closed it also gives protection from insects and cats and stops little ones from climbing out.

4) Side panels up or down: You can choose to have one or both side panels raised or lowered to make the cot as dark or light as you prefer. The side panels are adjustable and can be raised or lowered as preferred using the straps provided. 

Washing instructions

  • All SnoozeShade products can be machine washed at 30 degrees celsius
  • Before washing or storing, close all zips and attach velcro straps to each other to prevent damage to the fabric
  • SnoozeShade products can be tumble dried at a low heat
  • Do NOT iron