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baby sleep tips for thanksgiving travel

4 Tips For Traveling With Your Baby For Thanksgiving

Are you traveling this Thanksgiving with little ones in tow?  While the tryptophan from the turkey may help you snooze, what about your baby or toddler who isn’t used to sleeping in new places?

Here are four tips from Cara at Wee Sleep to help you achieve sweet slumber for your infants over Thanksgiving weekend when you're visiting family and friends...

Set the Stage

Children love consistency and having predictability to their days.  Help them understand what to expect around sleep by packing their favourite bedtime items.  If you are staying at a relative’s home or a hotel, bring your child’s favourite bedtime items, like their special snuggly buddy, noise machine and sleep sack.  These familiar sleep objects will provide comfort in a new place.  For older children, show them around the room where they will be sleeping in before it is time for a nap or bedtime, and bring along a favourite night light.  This will make sleep go much smoother for everyone. 

SnoozeShade for Sweet Slumber

Naps during the day or an early evening bedtime can be tricky when there is lots of light in the room your child is sleeping. SnoozeShade’s portable cover for your baby’s pack n’ play provides a darkened, distraction-free sleep environment.  It weighs just 2 lbs and is small enough to pop into your suitcase without taking up much room (so you have space to pack your stretchy pants for after Thanksgiving dinner!).  Enjoy 10% off with code WEESLEEPCARA.

4 Tips For Traveling With Your Baby For Thanksgiving

Sleep Schedule

While high chair naps may make for cute photo ops, your child won’t enjoy dozing off into their mashed potatoes.  Resist the temptation to skip naps at Grandma’s - overtired kids get really cranky, and when the kids are grouchy, so is mama!  It is okay if the timing of naps stray off their regular schedule a bit, this is bound to happen.  You can make up for it the next day or upon returning home to help them catch up on ZZZ’s.   

Sleep Routines

Try your best to honour their bedtime routine, especially after a very stimulating day with relatives.  A 20-30 minute routine starting with a warm facecloth wipe-down, and a familiar book and song, will help your child’s mind and body to wind down and prepare for a full night of rest.

Still have questions or concerns about sleep? Cara Myre is a Senior Sleep Consultant with WeeSleep who helps tired families across the globe. Visit to book your free 15 minute phone consultation and follow her on Instagram for regular tips on sleep.

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