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Using your SnoozeShade After Summer_SnoozeShade.com

Using your SnoozeShade After Summer

While the sun continues to hover precariously in the sky, we have to admit that summer is probably on its way out now. But that doesn't mean you need to relegate your SnoozeShade to the bag filled with sun hats and flip-flops. In fact, quite the opposite is true! Yes, the leaves are changing colour and starting to fall, but we're definitely not just for sunny days- here are three reasons why you should continue using your SnoozeShade after summer...

You still need sun protection

Did you know that experts agree sun protection is required in the UK from April to October at least?  The UV rays are still able to get through to your skin, and there are still risks associated with being exposed. The SnoozeShade provides essential protection against these harmful UV rays and even when in lookout mode can eliminate sun exposure, especially for very young babies who cannot wear sunscreen. So do yourself a favour and keep your SnoozeShade to hand, especially on sunnier days this month.

Your baby still needs to sleep!

Just because the sun isn't appearing as frequently as it was, and you're out and about less perhaps- doesn't mean your little one needs to drop their nap routine! In fact, who doesn't want to drink a hot coffee in peace while the baby sleeps? What we mean, of course, is that your baby still needs sleep during the autumn and winter- and just because the heatwaves are beyond us now, don't feel you no longer have need for your SnoozeShade. You do.

Your baby will most likely associate the SnoozeShade with sleep time, and using it as a sleep cue can be a very powerful parenting tool indeed. Lots of parents tell us that as soon as their baby spots their SnoozeShade, they start to yawn and by the time its zipped they're asleep! Don't forget that the SnoozeShade also eliminates distractions and creates a darkened environment ideally matched for sleep, so its a no brainer really.

Using your SnoozeShade After Summer_SnoozeShade.com

Your SnoozeShade will protect against the elements

So all through the summer months we tell you how the SnoozeShade helps to protect against up to 99% of the sun's harmful rays... but it will also protect against other weather conditions too. Think windy days, baby needs to sleep... pop the SnoozeShade on and keep your little one snug and warm. Light rain? No problem. The SnoozeShade can cope. Heavier rain? Ok, so it's not a rain cover but it will do if you've left home without yours. And let's face it, if your baby is asleep and you're caught in a downpour, you're probably on your way home at a rapid rate anyway!

Ultimately, we recommend that you keep your SnoozeShade under your pram or stroller all year round- for sun protection, to use as a buffer and against wind and light rain, and for the ease of baby sleep on the go. Its not just for summer- and might just save your sanity!

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