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A SnoozeShade Is For Life, Not Just For Summer

A SnoozeShade is For Life, Not Just For Summer

If you follow us on social media, you may have also noticed our hashtag #NotJustForSummer, so we thought we'd explain a little more in today's post:

A SnoozeShade is for life, not just for summer!

SnoozeShade was, like many other great inventions, born out of necessity. I was tired of having to drape blankets and muslins over the pram so that my baby was shaded from the sun and shielded from distractions while she slept. Having a SnoozeShade means that your little one is not only protected from up to 99% of the sun's harmful rays, but you also have a cosy nook for sleep too. There's less chance of sleep being disturbed, and this means that even tired little nap fighters are able to nap on the go. But it's not just for summer! Here are five reasons why you should be using your SnoozeShade right now too...

Protection Against The Low Winter Sun

It might not feel like it, but the sun does still shine from October to May! The rays might not be as strong as in summer, but they're still bright and the glare can be powerful. Just as when you're driving and need to shield your eyes when the sun is low and bright, your little one needs a little protection too. your SnoozeShade is perfect for this. And if you have the Plus or Plus Deluxe, you can unzip and use it in look out mode when they're not sleeping, to make sure that pesky winter sun stays at bay the whole time you're out.

SnoozeShade Not Just for Summer

Protection Against Light Wind

Sometimes a hood just isn't enough! The wind can be bitter in the winter months so the SnoozeShade is your secret weapon. When used in lookout mode, your little one has protection from the sides and and a little more insulation in general when the weather is bad. When zipped up, or when using an Original for sleep, you little one is safe, snug and warm.

Protection Against Light Rain

So it's not a rain cover, and no doubt you've used the one that came with your pram no end of times this winter. But on those occasions where you've left the rain cover in the boot of the car, or it's only lightly spitting and you're just not sure, you can rest assured that your SnoozeShade is going to keep those raindrops at bay. It's not fully waterproof, so not intended to be used as such, but it will provide your little one with ample protection in light rain- so they can continue to snooze undisturbed.

Protection Against Light Snow

As with rain, sometimes you can be caught out! Yep, your SnoozeShade will keep your little one warm and protected against light snow if you find yourself out in the thick of it.

Protection Against Well Meaning On-Lookers

You know those well meaning old ladies at the park? Or at the bus stop? In the supermarket? You know how they like to peer into your stroller and exclaim how beautiful your precious bundle is? It's all really lovely, and yes your baby really is stunning, but don't you like them much better if they're able to sleep when they really need it? SnoozeShade to the rescue! Once zipped up, there can be no mistaking that your little one is having a quiet moment- they're protected, quiet and safe from disturbances. Perfect!

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