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Ten Great New Baby Gifts For a Boy

Ten Great New Baby Gifts For a Boy

Are you, or is someone you know, expecting a little boy? We’ve rounded up some of the sweetest new baby boy presents.

A new baby is so special and everyone wants to help celebrate your new arrival. But where can you find baby gifts for a boy? Whether you want to buy a traditional new baby gift, a keepsake or a modern present, we have some of the best ideas for you.

1. Help Another Baby

help a baby

Having a baby here means your thoughts might go to those less fortunate, so a donation to a charity that helps children in developing countries is a lovely way to celebrate your special little boy. Compassion invests in entire communities and from as little as a few cents a day, you can ensure a child receives food and an education.

2. Celebrate Their 18th Birthday

Bottle of whiskey

Laying down a bottle or case of wine or whisky is still a popular gift and it will not only(hopefully) mature in the bottle, it may even increase in value too! Choose a bottle that can be engraved and it makes it a really special gift.

3. Personalised Blanket

baby blanket

In years to come, you can take out this sweet gift set and wonder how that huge toddler or hulking teenager ever lay on it. This blanket can be embroidered with your little boy’s name for the perfect gift. 

4. My First Tooth

 First Tooth and Curl

Silver has been a traditional new baby or Christening present for generations and you can give it a thoughtful twist by offering a gift that doubles as a place to keep your baby’s first tooth and curl safe. This jolly little train is driven by a little teddy and its carriages make keepsake boxes for those toothy pegs and memories of your baby’s first haircut. It will sit on the shelf of the nursery and become an heirloom.

5. Everything In Its Place

Wooden Toy Box 

Before long, you’ll have lots of lovely toys for your little boy and what better place to keep them than a personalised toy box There are lots out there from small companies that will make them to different designs and colours, with your baby’s name carved into them. This one is a nice painted wooden box that will fit in any room and be a great place to teach your child how to tidy up. It’s never too early…

6. My Best Bear

 Teddy Bear

A teddy bear is a lovely new baby boy gift and Steiff, the best name in collectible and keepsake teddy bears, has created a range called Teddies for Tomorrow. Each is crafted from sustainable materials such as bamboo, hemp, linen and paper and have been designed for play, washability and durability. Petsy bear is 24cm high and has the classic ‘button in ear’ that Steiff is famous for.

7. Baby Designer Footwear

Baby Designer Footwear

Love your trainers? Live for labels? You can dress your little boy’s feet in the latest designer trainers (they’re super soft to protect your little one’s feet too) and you can keep them forever to remember baby’s first shoes. There are lots of different brands that offer a range of baby shoes but we love these lion-embellished soft white leather shoes from Kenzo. Less expensive brands are also available!

8. Keepsake Book For Your Baby’s Future

letters to my baby

The first year of your baby’s life is pretty intense and it’s easy to forget all the ‘firsts’ and special moments in the blur of new motherhood. So write it all down and in future, your child will be able to read about all those clever things he has done! Letters to my Baby by Lea Redmond contains 12 envelopes that you can fill with memories, hopes and thoughts for your baby. Seal them and send them to your child at a later date. Letters begin with prompts to get you started, such as: “On the day you were born….” Write now, read later, treasure forever, as Lea says.

9. Little Tiny Hands and Feet

Hands and feet imprint set

Making a permanent reminder of just how tiny those fingers and toes were, this lovely kit enables you to take hand and footprints of your newborn and keep them, with two photographs of your little one, forever in a lovely cream coloured frame that will suit the décor of any home. Every purchase of one of these kits also goes towards new mums look after their perinatal mental health, too.

10. Silverware Set

baby flatware

Another traditional baby gift is a set of silver ware and this silver plated set of knife, fork and spoon comes is beautifully packaged. The handles are festooned with teddies.

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