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Helping baby to sleep on holiday

Helping baby to sleep on holiday

Are you busy planning your summer holiday? Are you taking baby with you? Taking a baby away can seem daunting- there is just so much to remember! Babies may be small but they require lots of things to keep them ticking over! And its not just the packing either, but the little things too. How dp you keep baby happy on the journey? How do you manage travel sickness? How many changes of clothes do you really need? hen, of course the big question that every parent asks themselves: how will baby sleep while we're away? Here are some tips and tricks for helping baby to sleep on holiday.

Helping baby to sleep on holiday~ SnoozeShade.com


Holdiays are great fun and sometimes the only opportunity we get to break from routine and let our hair down for a week or too. But these babies seem to like routine and so do we- it means they sleep a lot better after all. So how to keep things the same as they are at home?

Going away might well upset baby's routine. You might find yourself with an unsettled baby for a night or two either once you arrive at your destination, or when you return home. Thankfully, these disruptions are usually short loved  fixed and can be minimised too.

  • Relax your routine. Don't abandon it, but don't be rigid with it either. Go with the flow. Once you're home and back in familiar surroundings baby will probably fall back into her usual habits. It might take a few days, but nothing can't be fixed.
  • Be as flexible as you can. If baby usually naps at 11am then aim for that time, but don't panic if you're a little late.Watch for signs of tiredness and let baby lead the way.
  • Allow for longer naps if baby is sleeping outside, or if you've had a busier than usual day. Let baby sleep a little longer if it suits your plans. It won't hurt.
  • If baby does sleep a little longer during the day, it may be possible to extend bedtime to a little later too. If this is the case, and you want baby to stay up a little later, watch for signs of tiredness and start your usual bedtime routine as soon as you feel baby is ready.

Keeping cool and shady

Babies sleep better when they're cool and shady, and if you're in a hot country it's more important than ever to watch out for the sun. Don't leave home without your SnoozeShade- the only way to create a shady nook for sleeps out and about. There's a chance that baby will take all her naps in her pram/ stroller while you're away so you are going to need to create a sleep space she is familiar with. And, of course, you want the sun protection too.

Sleeping in an unfamiliar bed

Even adults can find it hard to sleep in an unfamiliar bed with strange surroundings, so don't be surprised if baby has trouble too. Try to keep things familiar if you can/

  • Take a travel cot with you that baby has used before. The SnoozeShade for cots makes an essential travel item when it comes to sleep too. Unfamiliar rooms can be unsettling and if you're sharing a hotel room, you're going to want to take all the steps you can to make sure baby isn't disturbed.
  • Take blankets/ sheets with you that have a familiar smell to them, and that baby usually sleeps in at home.
  • Take baby's favourite toy/ comforter with you for familiarity.
  • Try to keep as many of your same sleep cues as you can: read the same story, sing the same song, have a bath etc. All in the same order as you do at home.

The first couple of days may well be unsettled for baby, but it shouldn't take too long to get into a new routine that works for your holiday. At least you don't need to get up for work the next day!



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