Our expert baby sleep tips

Here at SnoozeShade, we’re experts in baby sleep and, to help you establish your little one’s sleep routine, we’ve written this helpful, at-a-glance sleep guide for your baby.

Sleep is the most precious commodity for your baby, and for you, so we have brought together a selection of the best sleep tips for your child based on their age and stage of development.

We’ve also partnered with some of the best baby sleep experts, so you’ll be sure to find some helpful tips and advice to help you with your little one.

We also tackle how much sleep your little one needs and sleep regression

Click on the images below to choose the right age and stage for your baby 

Month by month nap guide
Month-by-month guide to baby sleep
Learn how much sleep your baby needs at each stage of their development. 
Baby sleep regression guide
Sleep regression guide
We discuss what baby sleep regression is, why it happens and how you can negotiate this tricky phase.
Newborn to three months baby sleep guide

Birth to three months
From your tiny newborn to a bouncing three month old, we show you how your baby sleeps and how your baby’s sleep patterns change.

Three to six months baby sleep guide

Three to six months
Now that your baby has settled into a routine, learn about how your baby’s sleep patterns change between 3 and 6 months and find out all about the dreaded 4 month sleep regression.

Baby sleep tips six to twelve months

Six to 12 months
Your baby goes through a lot of physical and developmental changes between six and 12 months, so see how to tackle this stage of your baby’s night time routine.

Baby sleep tips twelve to eighteen months 

12-18 months
Now that your little one is crawling, cruising and then walking, find out what effects this will have on your toddler’s sleep patterns and how to maintain a good sleep routine.

Baby sleep tips for 18months plus


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